Current Multimedia Positions:

STEAM4Kidz Lead Video Producer Feb 2021-Now
UCOP Multimedia Specialist Oct 2019-Now
Freelance: Video Producer June 2018-Now

Artists for Amazonia, Red Nation International Film Festival, Santa Barbara Fire Safe Council, PulseOne, Cliamte Policy Initiative, Glenn County Resource Conservation District

Past Positions:

UCOP Multimedia Production Assistant Oct 2018-Oct 2019
KQED Deep Look Associate Engagement Producer Summer 2018
UCD Strategic Communications Intern 2016-2018
Capital Public Radio Intern Summer 2017

Film Festivals & Exhibits:

Fighting Fire With Fire

FlickFair 2021
California ScienCenter 2021
Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2020
International Wildlife Film Festival 2020
Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival 2020

Awards and Grants:

Provost Undergraduate Fellowship Spring 2017
Eva Schicke Memorial Scholarship Spring 2017
University Honors Program 2014-2018
Outstanding Senior Award 2018


Documentary Shorts:

Fighting Fire With Fire

In an effort to restore the role of Native people as land stewards and mitigate the threat of wildfires, UC-Davis professor Beth Rose Middleton Manning fires up a hands-on lesson in cultural burning. Tribal Chairman Ron Goode leads students in an immersive experience preparing the land, igniting the fire, and carrying out indigenous traditions that have restored California landscapes for centuries.

Break the Cycle

Sustainable Cycles, a group of female-bodied cyclists and menstrual health activists, ride across the United States and Mexico, sparking conversations about reusable menstrual products and sustainable transportation along the way. Their destination? The biennial Society for Menstrual Health Research Conference.


STEAM4Kidz Kicskstarter Promo

The offical video for the STEAM4Kidz Kickstarter Campaign. STEAM4Kidz kits deliver hands-on projects, in a variety of subjects, right to your home. Our kits are designed so that kids can complete most projects independently, using the project materials provided while following along with engaging teacher-led project videos. Just open the box, start the video and your learner is on their way!

Meet your Instructors for STEAM4Kidz

To make great videos, you need great instructors. We’re happy to say that the secret to our initial successes have been our energetic and knowledgeable instructors.

Cosmic Rocket Commercial

This is the Cosmic Rocket project from our Fantasy Aliens on Planet Kepzoo STEAM kit. This project teaches students about rockets and how they work and uses a chemical reaction to launch a rocket of their own that they build as part of the project.

Freelance Production:

Separating Your Home From Wildfire - The Zones of Defensible Space

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take the necessary steps to prepare your home from wildfire. In this video Santa Barbara County Fire Marshal Chief Rob Hazard, surveys two different home and highlights how each of the properties could improve their chance of surviving a wildfire.

RNIFF Festival Trailer 2021

This is the offical trailer for the 26th Red Nation International Film Festival, featuring new films from the world’s leading Native and Indigenous filmmakers.

Amazon Climate Platform

Through the insights offered by two dozen speakers – from Amazonian Indigenous and Afro-Brazilian leaders, Brazilian and U.S. Congresspeople, and an E.U. Parliamentarian, to Catholic Cardinals and Bishops, youth climate activists, celebrities, and more – a number of key messages for the Biden Administration were spoken to during the Amazon Climate Forum.

Glenn County Soil Health - MTSJ Dairy

Marty Poldervarrt, a Dairyman based in Northern California, shares his knowledge and practices for maintaining good soil health along with Steve Gruenwald, from Grower’s Choice Crop Consulting.

Putah Creek Nursery

Putah Creek Council protects and enhances Putah Creek, its watershed, and tributaries through advocacy, education and community-based stewardship. This short video showcases their native plant nursery and it’s role in restoring the Putah Creek Watershed.

NPR & Affiliates:

To Manage Wildfire, California Looks To What Tribes Have Known All Along

On a cool February morning, around 60 people gathered in the Sierra Nevada foothills to take part in a ceremony that, for many decades, was banned.

Behind The Scenes With Deep Look: Sand Dollars

In this Deep Look behind the scenes, we follow Josh Cassidy, our cinematographer and lead producer, on his quest to film the secret lives of sand dollars. He visits both land and sea to get a good look at them up close, and shares some of his production techniques along the way.

Behind The Scenes With Deep Look: Teodros Hailye, our Creature Animator

Meet Teodros Hailye, Deep Look’s digital artist who creates 3D models for the series' animations.

Capital Public Radio, Place and Privilege

Community engagement strategist jesikah maria ross shows how CapRadio brings diverse neighbors together to examine Sacramento’s housing affordability crisis through intimate gatherings that build understanding, inform reporting and help move solutions forward.

UC Office of the President:

What stress does to your body (it isn’t always bad!)

Americans are some of the most stressed out people in the world. But according to UCSF’s Dr. Elissa Epel, not all #stress is the same.

How this pandemic may help the workplace change for the better

While it may seem counterintuitive, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis may be the best time to plan for real workplace change. Dr. Christina Maslach, a professor emerita at UC Berkeley and a pioneer in job burnout research, explains why employers should think of this time as a ‘reset’ and try to flip the six problem areas that can lead to job burnout — and save billions of dollars in health care costs at the same time.

A place for trans and nonbinary students to refresh their wardrobe

In just a few years, the Lionel Cantú Queer Center Clothing Closet at UC Santa Cruz has become a nationally known resource for students, particularly non-binary and trans students, who want a place where they can try on clothes and not feel judged.

Cuddling is good for babies

The Cuddler programs at UC’s medical centers train volunteers to hold, rock and feed preemies….and it benefits those cuddlers just as much as the tiny cuddlees.

How to keep your New Years Resolution

Want to make your New Year’s resolutions stick? Opt for making a list of questions.

UC Davis Strategic Communications:

Floating Island Project

Students in the Learning by Leading Internship at the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden designed and installed a floating island in the Arboretum Waterway to demonstrate the power of plants to take up excess nutrients in urban waterways.

UC Davis Greenhouse in 360

Ernesto Sandoval, the curator at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, shows off one of the most diverse teaching collections of plants in the country.

D-Lab creates the DryCard

UC Davis student, Anna Gomes, talks about her work on the DryCard in the D-Lab and how it’s making an impact in the world. The DryCard was invented by Jim Thompson and Michael Reid.

Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

Working in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, UC Davis veterinarian Jamie Peyton, used Tilapia fish skins to treat burn wounds on rescued animals, specifically bears and mountain lions, injured in the Thomas Fire in December of 2017. The Thomas Fire raged in Southern California, burning parts of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. At the time it was the largest wildfire to date in California, only to be surpassed by the Ranch Fire, part of the Mendocino Complex Fire, a year later.

When Science Meets Art

After taking an introduction to wildlife conservation class, McKinna Salinas, a fourth year art studio major, created a series of oil paintings inspired by what she learned.

College Projects:

Making a wish

This mixed media animation combines stop motion and Adobe After Effects to tell the abstract story of a dandelion and the chemical world.

About Me

Hey there! My name is Sinead Santich, and I am a documentary filmmaker and visual storyteller. My films lie at the intersection of society and the environment, sharing the stories of people who strive for a better future.

I have a degree in Cinema and Digital Media and a minor in Landscape Restoration from UC Davis. By combining my interests in media and science, I developed filmmaking skills that I use to transform scientific research into emotionally tangible stories.

I continue to produce films which inspire and sow the seeds of positive change. I’m always interested in learning more and collaborating with others, so please feel free to reach out!